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Food with Integrity

March 2, 2011

Chipotle Mexican Grill, a national chain of burrito restaurants, launched a new strategic communications campaign integrating their website, advertising and packaging to educate customers about Chipotle’s core vision- Food with Integrity.

According to Brian Rice, a reporter for Business 2 Community, Chipotle’s new campaign “aims to call attention to Chipotle’s use of premium quality ingredients from more sustainable sources and their commitment to providing food the tastes good and is healthier for its customers”.

CMO of Chipotle, Mark Crumpaker, said “We think the time is right to focus more of our marketing on our commitment to finding the best sustainably raised ingredients we can.  While we have never sourced these ingredients to be a marketing platform, it is what makes Chipotle so different from other restaurant companies and we think people are more receptive to hearing it now than ever before”.

Chipotle teamed up with San-Francisco’s award-winning design and strategy firm, Sequence, to redesign the website and the packaging to communicate the Food with Integrity motto.  “We wanted to find a design style that could strike a balance between information and entertainment,” said Ann Tou, design director at Sequence. “This allows us to tell the Chipotle story with a unique voice and in a personal style that speaks to the passion of Chipotle customers.”

In addition to the new packaging, website and advertising integrated campaign, Chipotle’s founder, chairman and co-CEO Steve Ells has signed on as an investor and judge for NBC’s new reality television show, “America’s Next Great Restaurant”.  To go along with this Chipotle launched a promotion with the help of the new show.  If a facebook user “likes” the “America’s Next great Restaurant” facebook fan page and watches a preview of the new series, they receive a buy on get on free coupon for a Chipotle burrito, salad or burrito bowl.

Chipotle also launched a “Unlimited Time Only” marketing program on March 1st to celebrate the 18th anniversary of its focus on using high quality ingredients, Food with Integrity, by wrapping its burritos in gold.  The campaign began March 1st and will continue 4 months of Chipotle’s iconic silver burritos now wrapped in gold.  This promotion will only further promote Chipotle’s Food with Integrity company vision.

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